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Piano Magazine Coup de Coeur

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"the party record of the year" (Atlanta Constitution)... 5 stars in Pizzicato Magazine (Germany)...10/10 in Classics Today...5 stars in Fono Forum... Coup de Coeur in Piano Magazine (France)... Featured in the New York Times, Le Monde, Süddeutsche Zeitung, The Paris Free Voice...


NEW PROGRAM! Coming soon...sneak previews of 60 new pieces, 60 new composers,...
the composers for the original 1999 program

What if Sixty composers from 18 countries wrote 60 pieces for solo piano, each 60 seconds in length? This is the brilliant new show created by American pianist Guy Livingston to showcase the endless possibilities of late-twentieth century music.
Many of the pieces are amplified or for piano and tape. They use new techniques and range from modern-classical works through virtuosic-serialism to unsettling performance-art. All are premieres written for Mr. Livingston. The works are presented by pianist Guy Livingston and actress Stephie Büttrich, in a performance which is theatrically exciting and musically innovative.
Livingston presents the pieces in sets of 7 or 8 at a time, punctuated by anecdotes about the composers and the genesis of these works. The framework is quite fascinating: Although one minute seems like an unbelievably short time, it actually offers the composers a good deal of scope. An entire atmosphere can be established (or destroyed) in 60 seconds. The program offers a wide-ranging sampler of new music styles from the most traditional classical up to cutting-edge avant-gardism.

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