Dada Film Clips & Overview

Who were the Dadaists?



"Dada is Dead!”

Satie declared Dadaism dead in 1923, but ifanything, it’s back and stronger than ever. With Dadaist shows at the Centre Pompidou, National Gallery in Washington, and the MOMA in New York, & a newly renovated Dada Hotel in Zurich, Dada is definitely alive and well. Plus, Dada seems to tie in with current political upheaval and the general chaos surrounding public life these days...


Dadaisme, Surrealisme too! (all with films and music)

Dada Pseudomentary - teaser

rediscovered after 90 years: George Antheil's lost film, "Woman" (teaser)


Return to Reason - teaser






Stills from the Films




THEATER: Tristan Tzara's Dadaist play, Coeur à Gaz