Dada at the Movies: an overview of dadaism

Drinks with the Dadaists is a new show from Guy Livingston, launching at the Holland Festival on June 9, 10, 11, 2006. The show will tour the US and Canada in 2006-07, and European venues and festivals in 2006-07 and 2007-08.

View the program and technical requirements; view photos and videos from the preview tryouts

FILM: Click to download
the 1923 Man Ray & George Antheil collaboration, RETOUR DE LA RAISON, as reconstructed by Guy Livingston and Paul Lehrman.

(Note: this file is a Quicktime movie, and weighs 16Mb, so it may download slowly on some computers)


Dada is Dead!
Satie declared Dadaism dead in 1923, but if anything, its back and stronger than ever. With Dadaist shows at the Centre Pompidou, National Gallery in Washington, and the MOMA in New York, & a newly renovated Dada Hotel in Zurich, Dada is definitely alive and well.

The nail sequence from Man Ray's Film, Retour à La Raison

This film was the inspiration for Guy's new show. The performance will feature avant-garde cinema and music from 1920's Paris, many films synchronized for the first time with their original music by George Antheil. Other music, by Eric Satie and Darius Milhaud, will complement these premieres.



Still from Entracte (music by Eric Satie)


and multiple stills from Retour de la Raison (music by George Antheil)


Kiki of Montparnasse, in the beautiful window scene from Retour à la Raison

This film has just been released as part of the Unseen Cinema DVD series, from Anthology Film Archives (New York) and the Deutsches Film Museum (Frankfurt).

View the program and technical requirements


GRAPHIC ARTS: dadaist graphics and manifesti:





...and some futurist graphics as well:






THEATER: Tristan Tzara's Dadaist play, Coeur à Gaz

View the program and technical requirements


ABSINTHE: Period advertisements and brands:


Absinthe was the recreational drug of choice for many artists in the teens and twenties, and inspired a great deal of art. It was only later that this dangerously strong alcohol was outlawed. Recently Absinthe (in a controlled and regulated version) has been re-introduced in Holland and France.





Eric Satie

Man Ray and Duchamp play chess in Entracte

Tristan Tzara, photographed by Man Ray

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