amsterdam klik festival

animations by Juan de Graaf
from the One Minute More project
performed by Guy Livingston



"A feast for the eye and for the ear!'"
Viertakt Radio, Netherlands


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In Paris and Den Haag I have some upcoming new programs which are theatrical, immersive, historical, and entertaining. Of course there are always videos to watch and music to listen to. Plus my radio shows continue with some highlights like the Cathedral and the Box, a radio show about silence, which I made for Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Earshot program. If you're in the Hague, stop by my new studio at a former embassy in the center of town. This building is one of the most striking examples of brutalism in the Netherlands, and was designed by the Bauhaus architect Marcel Breuer. And if you're in the Paris area, my non-profit offers ongoing concerts and workshops at Hopital Beaujon, and other care facilities in the northern banlieues, presented by Le Piano Ouvert.

playing cacti based on John Cage's "Child of Tree" (Paris)

at my studio in The Hague

Guy on Film

A clip from Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story (Howard Hughes clip)


"An exceptionally agile and charismatic performer"
— LA Times

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And, don't forget to listen to the Henry Cowell documentary about this very unusual American composer, by Guy Livingston, which was broadcast on Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Download the teaser podcast or the credits here. Or click here to listen to the entire documentary in streaming audio (the tiny link is on the upper left of the screen). And listen to a radio show on France Musique: all about Guy and his new CD: Antheil the Futurist, appearing on Bruno Letort's show, Tapage Nocturne (podcast in French on itunes) and also on Der CD Tipp (itunes podcast in German). Buy the CD on or or listen on Spotify or iTunes.


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