In addition to his CDs and DVDs, Livingston has been involved in other artistic collaborations, such at these watches for S.T.A.M.PS. (Berlin), which were released in a limited edition based on designs from the One Minute More films (5 Dutch filmmakers).


"Antheil's finest keyboard interpreter"
—Signal to Noise Magazine


George Antheil the Futurist - solo piano cd by Guy Livingston
Lush orchestral works by Antheil, plus the neo-classical 2nd Piano Concerto. A beautiful recording by the Philadelphia Virtuosi. available via Amazon  
Sixty More Composers, Sixty More Pieces, Sixty Seconds Each: and Sixty Films. buy the DVD at Guy's online store, or via Amazon or Createspace.
Atlas Eclipticalis with Winter Music - Cage available via Amazon and Mode Records

Living Room Music