"A pianist with a flair for modernism"
—The New York Times

Music and Architecture

Guy Livingston studied music and architecture at Yale University. He is currently in residence at a former embassy in The Hague, designed by Bauhaus architect Marcel Breuer. He is curating symposiums on Urban Space and Sound, and on the Architecture of Power.

Concurrently, Livingston is creating a new performance for piano, video, and electronics, which explores the links between space and music: éspaceSonore, an immersive program of piano, video, and electronics. Featuring Music for Airports (Brian Eno), Guy's solo arrangement of Canto Ostinato (Simeon ten Holt); The Great Gate of Kiev by Mussorgsky (piano arrangament); Debussy's Sunken Cathedral; a Talking Heads cover; an opportunity for the audience to "play the building"; and a new work by Cléo Palacio-Quentin.